What is ERP and What are the Advantages

What is ERP?

The role of ERP is to increase the streamline flow of the business by making sure that all the processes are more efficient as well as they pass through a single channel. Over the internet you will find varied definitions of this term and that is because it has a multitude of different objectives and is perceived in various ways by different corporation. In this section we will decipher the need for an ERP as well as the concept of ERP.

Functions of ERP:

There are many functions of the ERP since they consist of modules which include features like automated marketing, automated salesforce, accounting, finance, human resources, supply chain management as well as project management. These functions can be introduced into your business depending on the need of your business. Make sure that you include as many processes into it to make your department’s processes more tangible.

But what is ERP in its naked form? Well an ERP is just a massive database that is used to help collect and store the information regarding the clients into a single repository so that the processes are more efficient.

Let us now understand what is ERP by taking a look at the advantages of ERP:

  • Database

Like discussed above, a database is one of the most essential advantage of using an ERP. This system will help you catalogue all the conversations with the customers as well as store the relevant data about the customers which can help you in the future. It also lets you store data categorically for easier pulling later on. You can also use these extensive databases to help create a backup for all your company’s resources.

  • System Integration

System integration is one of the most important aspect of ERP systems. You can understand what is ERP through this function which allows the company’s email accounts and other cloud based applications to be integrated into your system so that you can stay connected with you customers all the time. This is possible due to the various API (Application Programming Interface) which allows you to synchronize all your applications to the ERP system.

  • Visibility

This is also one of the advantages you will need to understand if you want to know what is ERP. The use of the ERP systems allows you to make all the processes visible for the top managers. You can even curtail this feature for the lower level employees. It is only a certain few who can monitor the complete process of the company so that they understand how the departments are related and how they are individually performing.

  • Automation

Most of the man handled processes of an organization need to be curtailed and they need to be automated so that more profits are generated as well as there is lesser human error. Most of the automation processes take into consideration marketing products with the need for a person to regulate the marketing strategies as well as storing information of the clients and keep the exact transcripts which can be used for future reference.

  • Streamline Flow

If you want to know what is ERP you can think of it as a set of tools designed so that all the processes are tapered into a single repository. Channeling all the information and processes into a single process helps in standardizing your processes.

These are some of the aspects and advantages of using ERP systems for your business. Make sure that you implement these modules into your company so that you can improve your business models.

List of Top ERP Systems

There has always been a need for ERP systems for your business regardless of the size of the business. You need to choose the right ERP system which will complement your business. Your ERP should have a strong foundation as well as it should be reasonably priced so that you do not invest a major chunk of your money in services like these rather than concentrate on your product designing and marketing. In this section we will take a look at some of the top ERP systems.

Top ERP systems:

  1. Epicor

If you are looking for a reputed vendor of ERP services then this is the one. They have around 20,000 customers spread across 140 countries that is created in around 30 different languages. This software has garnered great reviews over the years and is becoming one of the most popular ERP services. They have a number of different modules that can be used for making your company’s processes more and more efficient. They have MS/SQL/SOA and other various technologies embedded into their system. You can get these services for a reasonable price which can be easily afforded by your company.

  1. Infor

This is also a top erp system which is the 3rd largest producer of ERPs in the world. They have a span of over 70,000 happy customers spread across the globe. You will find a number of strategic ERP services integrated with your applications that will help you create better models for your business. The modules introduced into this ERP system have lean manufacturing processes, complex and discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, strong distribution and SCM and many more. You can get these modules for a price that can be varied depending on the scale of your business.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is also one of the top ERP systems in the market. This is reflected in the form of the number of customers they have across the globe; 83,000 and counting. If you are looking for a small business ERP, this is the right choice for you.  They have some of the best partner channels. You can choose from a plethora of products for your business depending on your needs. MS/.Net/SQL are some of the technologies that are implemented in the product. The pricing ranges from low to moderate depending on the size of the business model.

  1. Oracle

They have around 37,000 users worldwide and they claim to be the #1 in this market. They have an experience in this field for the last 30 years which is clearly reflected in the quality of products they manufacture and the R&D behind it. They have the latest SQA technology used for building the ERP system. The system is completely flexible and the technology that is used is Oracle Stack. These ERP systems are priced high and are recommended for bigger corporations.

  1. SAP

They have customers from more than 120 countries with a customer base of 35,000. They are considered as one of the top ERP systems in the market and have a unique distribution system along with a wide number of modules that will help you make your business model more and more effective. The prices are high for this product and needs to be considered only by big corporations.

These are a list of some of the greatest ERP services you will come across in the market. You need to ensure that you choose the right product and module depending on the need of the customer. These services will help you increase your output as well as help you predict the future of your company.

Need for Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP:

ERP is the technology which businesses implement in their processes to increase the output of the company as well as to predict the future of the business by making use of analytical and forecasting tools. Along with these functions the ERP works as a database for your company’s customer information. These ERP’s are unique for every business because they tend personally to the needs of each business. The company has the option to choice to choose customized open source ERP software or choose commercial software.

Both of these software have issues which need to be rectified. On one hand you have the customized ERP that helps you choose any number of modules to implement in your ERP which means that you have a set of target needs which need to be fulfilled. Customized ERP modules need you to write the code which could get messy. Sometimes the written codes will help you achieve your targets and predictions but in the long range you may not get the desired results.

Using the commercial ERP products may seem as the wisest option to you but you need to understand that there are many problems associated with that too. A set of custom modules that have been tried and tested may seem the option but they may not be the perfect software you are looking for. The problems arising with commercial ERP’s are that you will not be able to change your modules because you would have already paid the upfront fees.

Open Source ERP:

This is the best alternative if you are looking for a mix of both the commercial as well as the customized ERP. The open source ERP makes sure that you get a pre written code for the base of the ERP. This code is the starting point and is provided to the user free of charge which he can try out for his business and if it works out, he can pay for this service. This reduces the risk the company’s at when they are choosing a vendor for the CRM by not risking the upfront licensing.

Let us now take a look at this form of ERP and how it is similar to the customized and the commercial ERP. If the code works fine and fulfills all the obligations then you don’t need to add any more code to the existing code which allows you to implement this ERP in the same amount of time as that of commercial ERP.

If you do not get the results desired from the Open source ERP then you need to add a code to help you derive the needed results. But it is better than the customized ERP because you already get a base for adding the code and you do not need to work on the whole code.

There can be many glitches while you write the code for your ERP. That is why there are many sites that provide you with the expertise and knowledge for writing this code. They also help you in debugging the code and troubleshooting the various problems.


Over the years, the Open Source ERP has made considerable advances in the field and has improved their systems so that the customers have a better base to work upon. You need to understand that this is the best option you can choose off the customized or the commercial ERP. This is because you need not put your company through any conflict by writing wrong code or failing to debug them. So always go with Open Source erp for your business.

Learning more about the ERP system

Introduction of the ERP system:

There are very diverse ideas about the ERP system and the definitions about it. There is no definition that has ever stuck to this title. This tool is available for many purposes which help in making the business processes more efficient. The one reason why ERP has such diverse ideals is because it is continuously evolving technologically to understand the complex business ideals. Let us take a look at the history before we divulge into the details of the ERP advantages.


The term “ERP” was coined in the year 1990 by a person Gartner. Although this term had different implications at the time it was coined which generally referred to the inventory management and control in manufacturing sector. Programs were written by programmers who felt the need to monitor the inventory, balances as well as use the raw data to estimate the growth of the company.

As technology improved there were more features that were added to the list of features provided by the ERP system.  These functions could help in salesforce analysis, marketing automation as well as ecommerce. These were some of the domains of the company the ERP tools have helped boost in the recent years.

What is ERP?

Now that we have a basic idea of the term ERP, let us understand what exactly ERP entails. In layman terms, you could define Enterprise Resource Planning as the set of tools that will you modify your existing business to add more efficiency to it as well as manage it on a whole new level.  The ERP system has a list of resources that are essential like CRM, human resources development, accounting and product order management. All of these systems are embedded into a single ERP system which makes it powerful tool for your company.

But these are just the secondary tools that are built around the primary objective of the ERP. This primary objective is nothing but a database for storing a gigantic amount of information. These are what ERP systems really are. They are massive databases that have the potential to store exclusive customer reports and catalogue them efficiently so that all the departments in your company can use the same file to refer to their needs. This common repository helps your company make its processes simpler and faster.


  1. One of the most primary advantages of the ERP system is that you can create exclusive databases for the clients which can store a lot of information about them and catalogue them by any attributes you desire. This makes it easier for departmental integration as well as helps in faster customer service.
  2. Helps in analyzing the growth of the company. The ERP helps in using the raw data that is procured from the internet and derive relationships, shows the flaws, as well as predicts the growth of the company. These forecasting and analyzing tools have helped several companies in the past.
  3. Customer service is top notch if you use such tools to aid your business. You can carry out a multitude of tasks that involve automated messages, exclusive databases etc.

There is an urgent need for the companies across the world to start using such tools to match their competitors. The advancing technology helps in refining the ERP system over the years and there are new technologies that will aid your business better. Just make sure that you choose the right business ERP that will help you make your business more and more effective over time by first analyzing the need of your company.

ERP Solutions and their Advantages

The ERP system is one of the most catching up technology for various businesses across the world. The main function of these ERP services is to create efficient business models as well as to track the workflow of the business strategies. These systems are created to reduce the efforts by humans and increase the efficiency of the business models by incorporating some of the automated technologies like salesforce and marketing automation. In this section we will take a look at some of the ERP solutions that are provided to the businesses.

ERP solutions:

  1. Transparency

This is one of the most important features that is the by-product of incorporation of the ERP systems for your business. If you are a top order executive of a company, you can monitor all the processes that are taking place in your company from a higher level without providing this jurisdiction to the junior members. By monitoring all the processes you can have vito power over all the departments and the streamline flow of the business.

  1. Automated services

This is one of the most crucial services of the ERP solutions. The salesforce automation allows you to catalogue all the conversations between the customers which can be retrieved at any time possible and the marketing automation will help you to reach out to the demands of the customers without the need of the manual interference.  Automated messages also help you to create various messages that can be used for the customer self service. These services cause you to increase the efficiency of the company work flow as well as increase the profits of the company.

  1. Single Reporting system

This is also one of the most important ERP solutions which can help you make your company processes more and more efficient. A single reporting system will help you to invest in individual reporting systems for every department. This ensures that the information can be streamlined into a single channel and into a single repository so that this information can be exclusively stored into this repository. This is one such great way of making sure that you can categorically save all the information on a single database. This allows for the company to invest in a single software to process the data rather than multiple licenses for processing it.

  1. Statistical Analysis

This is one of the other ERP solutions offered to companies. Make sure that you use this solution to your advantage by processing all the raw data the can be scraped from the internet and scrutinize it to find patterns and eliminate flaws from your business models. You can also track the growth of your company and predict the status of your company through forecasting techniques. This is probably one of the most essential components while using ERP systems for your business.

  1. Backup

This ERP can also act as a storage device for your business. You can use it for storing all the information about your business so that it can be used as a secondary source in times of need.

These are some of the basic ERP solutions that are offered by the CRM systems. There are several other modules that are available which include Accounts, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Project Management which you can implement for your business. You are charged for the ERP systems based on the number of modules you choose. The more modules you install the better will be the interaction between the departments and more effective will be the processes between the departments of the company.