Martin Nievera says no to network transfer: "ABS-CBN is my last woman."

Martin Nievera on being a solid Kapamilya: "Again, let me repeat, I’ve been offered many times, lots of money. Maybe I’m an idiot for being so loyal. But somewhere, somewhere down the road, it’s gonna pay off."

Wala mang prangkisa ang ABS-CBN, buo ang paninindigan ni Martin Nievera na siya ay forever Kapamilya na.

Wala raw katotohanan ang "tsismis" na siya ay lilipat ng ibang network.

"Me? I am? I will? How much are they paying me? I wanna know!

"Wala, hindi totoo. There’s not even an offer. And even if there was, this, ABS-CBN is my last woman," pahayag ni Martin.

Nakapanayam ng piling press si Martin, kabilang ang (Philippine Entertainment Portal), sa Solaire Resort and Casino noong July 6, 2022.

Si Martin ay pioneer star ng ASAP mula nang magsimula itong umere noong 1995. At hanggang sa kasalukuyang ABS-CBN management, ramdam daw niya ang pagpapahalaga sa kanya.

"Again, the fact that they want me, they love me, Tita Cory [Vidanes] is in our little celebration for taping yesterday, ‘coz yesterday was my anniversary.

"And she was kind enough, she and Direk Lauren Dyogi came down. She whispered to me, 'You know how much I love you?'

"I said, 'Probably not as much as I love you.'"

Nagbitiw rin ng salita si Martin na hinding-hindi siya lilipat sa ibang TV network hanggang sa dulo ng kanyang career.

"And she says, 'Don’t ever leave us.' I said, 'I have no intention.' I said, 'To the grave.’ She goes, 'To the grave.'

"Now, I probably could be a much wealthier person if I move, rock the boat a little bit, you know.

"If I was my own manager, maybe I would do that 'coz how many more years do I have, right? This is the time to rock the boat, right?"

Pero hindi raw niya gagawin iyon.

Diin ni Martin, "For me, loyalty is everything. Everything.

"Again, let me repeat, I’ve been offered many times, lots of money. Maybe I’m an idiot for being so loyal. But somewhere, somewhere down the road, it’s gonna pay off.

"It’s gonna teach younger artists that fame and fortune are temporary, loyalty is forever."

Nagsimula ang TV career ni Martin sa bakuran ng GMA Network sa pamamagitan ng musical-talk show nila ni Pops Fernandez na Penthouse Live, na umere mula 1982 hanggang 1987.

Nasundan pa ito ng solo talk show niyang Martin After Dark (1988-1993).


Bago pa ang 40th anniversary concert ni Martin, nauna na niya itong ipinagdiwang sa ASAP Natin ‘To, ang long-running musical variety show ng ABS-CBN.

Binigyan siya ng star-studded tribute ng mga baguhang ASAP singers noong July 4, 2022.

"That was so nice. It was nostalgic," sabi ni Martin.

"It’s like an out-of-my-body experience. Tama ba yun? As if I was hovering above the heavens watching my tribute, but I was actually in it.

"It’s like I had a dream in heaven and that’s what I saw. All my fellow colleagues, all my Kapamilya who I love and adore, taking the time to learn and re-learn my songs.

"The kids, the young kids? Learning pain and all these hits of mine from 1980-plus...

"It was touching and it was so moving that in the car on my way to rehearsal, I couldn’t stop crying in the car."

Iba raw ang pakiramdam na kahit younger generation ay nakaka-relate pa rin sa kanyang hit songs.

Lahad pa ni Martin: "Oh, I could cry, not my song, but if you sing it I’ll probably cry. Well, 'coz it could mean something.

"The fact that you’re singing my song it means it had something to do in your life.
So, I did something right, you know.

"And then, it’s a realization kasi ang dami kong songs pala. At may kulang pa. Maraming kulang pa.

"You don’t realize it until you hear someone else is doing it, in that form pa. What it is like? It's a 25-minute production number.

"To this day, I’m so grateful."


Nag-solo concert si Martin sa The Theater At Solaire para sa isang benefit show kamakailan.

Nakatakda siyang magdiwang din doon ng kanyang 40th anniversary concert sa November 19.

Pero bago iyon ay babalik muna siya sa U.S. para sa concert niya na gaganapin sa Walt Disney Concert Hall sa Los Angeles, California sa August 28.

Ani Martin: "It’s an honor because it’s very hard to get this venue. The only other Filipino artist who performed there is Lea Salonga.

"But she’s not just a Filipino artist. She is the world. She can sing wherever she wants.

"So for this venue, for it to be offered to me is an unbelievable honor.

"Then we will bring the show and probably add much, much more to it here, at The Theatre at Solaire on November 19."

And speaking of Solaire, ito ang ika-anim na taon ni Martin bilang brand ambassador ng naturang resort at casino.

Kinuha raw siya ng mismong may-ari ng hotel na si Enrique Razon.

"Well, Solaire form the very beginning, they wanted to have [Frank] Sinatra. And this was of course told to me by Ricky Razon himself, 'I want to have my own Sinatra,' to Gina my sister.

"'Can I be that guy?' So, it was more of like this chit-chat. Then became, 'Hey, you know, that’s a great idea.'

"So now, thank God for this Rotary Club Gift of Life Foundation, I become more than just an ambassador.

"'Coz remember, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble. How can I become the ambassador? They want me to be the ambassador of goodwill. The ambassador of fun, of an aption in life where you can beat the odds, a playground for adults.

"You know, no one under 21. But at the same time, I staycation here and show them the facilities we have to your family while you go down and play."


Totoo bang may exclusive room siya sa Solaire?

Sagot ni Martin: "No, when they said I have my own secret room here—which did not push through by the way—a room fully decorated with all my paraphernalia.

"There’s a lot of red tape you have to go through. You just can’t do it. You have to talk to this gaming, ang dami-daming departments bago [ma-approve].

"But all my things are here. They’re just waiting to put it in one of their suites."

Kung sakaling matuloy, ang plano ay magkaroon si Martin ng suite na for display sa kanyang fans o ibang customers ng hotel.

"There's still, again, all the red tape. But once it’s done? My gold albums, my trophies...

"Museum? I think you have to ask them. But right now, it’s in the bodega. I’ve been working my way up to the stock room.

"I’ve already gone to every department. I even folded a laundry. No, I’m not even joking. I told them I just want to be just like anybody.

"Like, yung sa linen, ako ang nag-ano... Because I’m OC, e. So, I love it, the folding of towels, blankets. Vacuuming? Uh, game ako."

Hindi naman itinanggi ni Martin na nasubukan din niyang maglaro sa casino ng Solaire.

"No, you know what? They give an allowance just [for me] to play. I have to be seen. By the way, they did the same thing to Sinatra, did you know that?

"They will give him chips and money just play, 'Please gamble in our place.' So, the money goes back. But, 'Uy, Sinatra gambles here, ha.'"

Personally speaking, hindi raw maalam si Martin sa pagsusugal.

"They were hoping for that but I do play here. I play whatever I can 'coz blackjack? Forget it. Poker? Forget it.

"This face? As good as a liar I am, buking. So no, I’m not good at it. But I’d love to experiment."